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Damiana Carpizzo on Healing

In this episode, Damiana Carpizo helps us understand the mind/body connection and the essential role that physical healing has in our ability to be great agents of change.

Prof. Deborah Lawrence on De-Fragmentation

Jared on this interview -- “It’s so beautiful to hear you describe interconnectedness scientifically. It’s very validating. We’re coming at the same teaching from different angles.”

Sheri Herndon on Awakening to a Beautiful Future

Sheri Herndon, cofounder of the global Indymedia network, joins for a truly inspiring conversation. In this episode, Jared describes her as a lead guitarist "wisdom jamming." She gives us both a vision and a felt sense of the world that, in our hearts, we want to create.

Randy Jewart on Growing Food Locally

Artist, regenerative landscaper, community builder, urban farmer, and "all around Bodhisattva," Randy Jewart shares about growing food, and love.

Daniel Lavelle on Indigenous Peoples' Rights

Daniel Lavelle, PhD, is US Director for Survival International, one of the world’s leading human rights groups working to empower tribal peoples with “control of their lives and lands and the freedom to determine their own futures.” In this episode we talk about why indigenous sovereignty and human rights are priority one for the global environmental solution.

Travis Ben Robinson on Finding Sacredness

Travis Ben Robinson - Tibetan Buddhist spiritual teacher, psychotherapist, and co-director of the Marina Counseling Center in San Francisco - tells stories that each point to the same thing: Even in the midst of so much suffering and danger, the world is fundamentally perfect; reconnecting to this truth is the heart of what transforms the world.

Lea Seigen Shinraku on Self-Compassion

Self-compassion expert Lea Seigen Shinraku joins us for a groundbreaking conversation on how to build "the bridge" to the future we want.

Our Visions for "The Bridge"

To kick off the podcast, Jared and Chris offer their own visions on how to build the bridge to reversing today's environmental crises. They share personal stories, spiritual teachings, psychotherapy expertise and environmental science, and they have a light-hearted debate about what's more important, the "inner" or "outer" work.

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