Sheri Herndon on Awakening to a Beautiful Future

Sheri Herndon, cofounder of the global Indymedia network, joins for a truly inspiring conversation. In this episode, Jared describes her as a lead guitarist "wisdom jamming." She gives us both a vision and a felt sense of the world that, in our hearts, we want to create.

If the whole planet is a village, Sheri Herndon is a village elder. In this conversation, she draws on her decades of experience as an extraordinarily successful activist and gives us a real sense of the beautiful and joyful future that's possible. She does so with great energy, deep kindness, and sheer brilliance.   

About Sheri
Sheri Herndon cofounded, a global grassroots media network, 20 years ago. She is now cofounding MetaTao and Awakening Together to serve awakening to our greatest personal and social potential, synergistic and co-creative sense-making and movement building toward greater freedom and wisdom, and co-creating foundations for an enlightened civilization. MetaTao is a trim tab agency for the foundations for new culture.

Listen to Sheri’s meditation, Deepening Into Essence. Contact Sheri / learn more about her work via or


A Few Quotes
“The core break is: we put ourselves above nature.” 

“We have been sitting inside dissonant structures our entire lives.”

'It starts with trusting yourself so deeply. Know that you can't make any mistakes. You're only going to learn and be guided." 

"We forget to ask for help. Ask for help and listen."

“Feedback is so important in human relationships because it means you’re growing. And in a living system, like trees —they know! (They) get the resources where they need to go, that’s the intelligence of a living system.”


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