Hi, Jared and Chris here. We are good friends and great allies who share a deep love for humanity and the natural world, an awareness of the danger we're in due to climate change and the Sixth Great Extinction, and a determination to help build the bridge to a beautiful future for all.

Jared, based in San Francisco, has been laser-focused on healing his entire adult life. On this path, Jared has developed multi-disciplinary expertise as a Zen Buddhism priest and teacher, licensed family counselor and psychotherapist, and environmental activist.

Meanwhile Chris, a global ecosystems researcher, former "rock star" drummer, and now founder/director of BioIntegrity Partnerships in Austin, is a leading visionary on the eco and biosphere dimensions of Nature, which support our wellbeing and offer the biggest climate solutions.

And now,,, we want to talk with esteemed friends, colleagues and heroes about how we build a brighter, more secure, more abundant future, today. "How do we get to the world we really want?"

We hope these conversations are entertaining, educational and inspiring. To find out more about us, please visit jaredmichaels.com and biointegrity.net.
BioIntegrity Partnerships