Jared and Chris are good friends and great allies. They share a deep love for humanity and the natural world, an awareness of the danger we're in due to climate change and the Sixth Great Extinction, and a determination to help build the bridge to a beautiful future.

Jared, based in San Francisco, has been laser-focused on his own healing since junior high school and on the healing of the world since his 20s. On this path, Jared has become a Zen teacher, psychotherapist, environmental activist, and expert on the inner dimension of our way forward.

Chris, a natural-systems researcher and something of a rock star drummer in Austin, has become an expert on the outer dimension of our way forward. In particular, Chris has discovered what's arguably the most important thing we can do to help build this bridge - protect tropical rainforests. If you add up all the acres his nonprofit, Biointegrity, has protected, it would be nearly twice the size of Austin, more than 10X the size of San Francisco.

But, of course, Jared and Chris don't know everything. So they've invited expert-guests to help fill in the blanks. They hope these conversations are entertaining, educational, and inspiring.

To find out more about them, visit jaredmichaels.com and biointegrity.net.
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