Damiana Carpizzo on Healing

In this episode, Damiana Carpizo helps us understand the mind/body connection and the essential role that physical healing has in our ability to be great agents of change.

Damiana took us on a journey. By the end of it, we knew a lot more about the biological body, had insight into the direct connection between having a soft body and having clear awareness of our interconnected nature, felt awe for these bodies and these lives of ours, and realized the power and goodness that spontaneously comes from this place of clarity.

About Damiana
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The body is the topography of the unconscious.

We have to unwind the imprint into the blueprint.

Doing our own work is necessary for collective healing.

We must come back to the awe of what we have now.

If we just thought about what it took to create these bodies … for those atoms to come together and create these molecules, and on and on, and then on a more macro level, that we have to be at this particular distance from the sun for life to be possible, you know it’s like — It’s All So Incredible! — like, why aren’t we in complete awe and reverence of existence all the time?

Harmony, walking on this planet and knowing that life is a gift and that embodiment is a gift and, as one of my yoga teachers used to say, “The universe has gone through all this trouble for centuries and millennia to create you in this form, right now, and that’s the gift.”

And I don’t think it’s that complicated. I think that just walking, just being on this planet, connected to the sacredness of life and the gift of living in this body that’s such a sophisticated instrument that allows us to hug and taste and move and think and speak; coming back to the awe, to the awe of what we have now and also to the gratitude for it.

“Enjoy every sandwich.” 

It’s simple. From realizing the preciousness, so much comes, so much giving and truly living comes. 

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